Nonny Q&A with The Buvette in Squamish

1) What is The Buvette?

Buvette is a French word, it means a place where you can get refreshments such as coffee, wine or cocktails, whatever, but it can be very versatile. 

2) What do you love about Squamish?

100% the outdoor scene - we are surrounded by mountains, the river. Like, your backyard is literally this huge playground. I was also really surprised about the sense of community which is huge, especially among small businesses. There is absolutely no competition and people just want you to thrive by doing collaborations and putting the word out there. It is really special the strength of the community here is Squamish. We can’t wait to get more involved in it.

3) True Squamish Stereotypes?

I donnnntttt know - that people are a bunch of hippies climbing rocks and doing mushrooms everyday? LOL I truly don't know.

4) Favourite restaurants & food in squamish?

I really love The Watershed, the view of the river is amazing and the food is always good. I always bring my people visiting from Montreal there and everyone loves it. I also love getting donuts at Fox and Oak. Okay, Taste of Saigon is also insane. It’s a small Viet restaurant on Cleveland.. the food is bomb. Also, really enjoy Fergie’s for a nice brunch.

5) Favourite Squamish breweries/bars?

Every brewery has something to offer here in Squamish. I love them all to be honest. The patio at A-Frame is really cool and the pizza at Backcountry Brewing is very good paired with a beer... it’s so good.

6) Favourite businesses in squamish?

I really love Grateful Tattoo, just around the corner, as well as the Grateful Gift Shop. I also love to work with Takedown Studio. They do our t-shirts & merch.

7) Favourite patio?

Am I cheesy if I say our patio here at the Buvette? LOL. I mean come on, we have the sun the whole day. We have the view of The Chief and Shannon Falls. I really do believe that we have the best patio. 

8) Must-do Squamish activities?

So much to do. So many hikes, so many beautiful places to go. The Farmers Market on Saturdays are a must. 

9) What's your perfect day in Squamish?

Perfect day for me would be to go on a hike or a bike ride, stop at a lake, chill there, swim there. And of course dogs need to be involved. My dog needs to be there. After that maybe a bbq somewhere in the valley or near a river doing a big fire. Natural wine. People I love. Sunset. Voila.

10) Favourite swim spot?

Levette Lake 100%. Beautiful lake with the views on the snowy mountains. It's magical.

11) What is Squamish missing from it's food scene?

I feel like Squamish is missing variety. We have a lot of the same stuff. Coming from Montreal where the food scene is very diverse I feel like we just need more independent spots with different cultural experiences in terms of food.

Big thanks to our friends Constance & Sara at The Buvette.

Find The Buvette at 1323 Vancouver St. in Squamish, BC.

Follow The Buvette on instagram: @_thebuvette

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